Automating automation software: Using Knowledge Automation to reduce operating costs and scale RPA

ChoiceWORX™ is a startup focused on support and troubleshooting of Desktop Applications for Enterprise customers. ChoiceWorx chose HIRO and Knnowledge Automation to power its core product suite (Robotinuum- RPA, Opstinuum – Infrastructure and Apptinuum – Device Management) and bring Intelligent Automation to the desktop. 

Challenge: RPA bots have brought much needed automation to highly repetitive tasks but are relatively sensitive to changes in environment or input such as changes to interface, network or wifi issues, application changes etc. A relatively small sized implementation of RPA requires a team to support the bots and supervise their operations. This team must then be scaled along with RPA scaling as it can be difficult and time consuming to determine and then remediate the root cause of failure for each bot. For industries that have deployed several hundred RPA bots running in parallel, this has become a key pain point and limit to RPA scalability.

ChoiceWORX selected HIRO to automate the management and exception handling of RPA automation Bots. The Robotinuum client is installed on the end user desktop and integrates with either UiPath or AutomationAnywhere RPA desktop software. Robotinuum then monitors, discovers and fixes Bot failures automatically using HIRO’s Knowledge Automation server software and is currently being implemented at several Fortune 100 companies in the US.


With amount of work we have done with HIRO and the knowledge items we have been able to create in the last five years, we see a brilliant future for our automation journey”  - Satyajith Mundakkal, VP, Head of Global Delivery and Automation

Challenge: Hexaware is a leading provider of IT, BPO and consulting services, headquartered in Mumbai, India. One of their key goals is to disrupt the service industry by breaking down the silos between IT and business. To achieve this, they aim to transform customer experiences by automating and cloudifying “everything”.  Hexaware wanted an automation solution that can be scaled to multiple processes. Hence, they partnered with Arago to leverage the scalability and versatility of HIRO’s Knowledge Automation.

Initially Hexaware automated IT Service Management (e.g. troubleshooting or service requests tickets) that are highly repetitive and simple in nature but still require significant manual intervention to resolve. Resolving these IT tickets is done based on rules written in manuals and then employees are trained on applying these with no central repository of best practices.

Solution: Hexaware evaluated multiple automation options but recognized the superior approach of Knowledge Automation immediately and elected to proceed with HIRO. They started by training HIRO like a new employee to complete various processes. In the beginning, HIRO was applied to 28 process tasks for IT incident and client service request resolutions (e.g., unlocking accounts, creating new email boxes). After several teaching sessions, HIRO is able to autonomously solve new and unforeseen problems at an automation rate in excess of 80%. HIRO has now scaled to be used for all ITSM incidents, problems and service requests.


  • Process optimization: 
    • Enhanced customer value and service level agreements due to much faster response times (avg. <1min per ticket rather than 6min per ticket).
    • On individual tickets, HIRO up to 80x as fast as human.
  • People Impact: 
    • Automation of low value, repetitive tickets led to reallocation of ~30FTEs to higher value tasks.
    • Virtual cost saving - Presently, ticket volume would have required 4x the personnel, thus 4 times the cost in a pre-HIRO setting.


“Implementing HIRO™ into our IT environment will be one of the levers for the further digital transformation of our company.” - Gisbert Rühl, CEO, Klöckner & Co

Challenge : Klöckner & Co is one of the largest producer-independent distributors of steel and metal products and one of the leading steel service companies worldwide. Digitalization is a key pillar of Klöckner´s business strategy to be able to meet the current and future challenges and to secure and expand its leading market position. After successfully automating their IT operations, Klöckner partnered with Arago for digitization of its autonomous SAP based business processes. 

The scenario selected represented a significant manual workload for both Klöckner´s BPO unit as well as for the retained organization in six countries. There are 15,000 blocked orders every month of which roughly 20% is due to a combination of credit limit and overdue.  BPO staff and Klöckner Accounts Receivable Team had to constantly spend significant time and resources on problem resolution to ensure same day delivery to their customers and thus secure revenue.

Arago knowledge automation platform, HIRO, is implemented to learn from experts what, why and when it has to solve tasks. The BPO team of Klöckner trained HIRO to investigate order blocks, dunning levels, prepayments, decide on individual credit limit tolerances and commercial risks and finally release blocked sales orders and/or notify the retained organization. Once HIRO has sufficient knowledge, it started to solve the blocked orders autonomously, needing experts only in case of new knowledge transfer.

The fast implementation of the entire prepayments handling project resulted in:
  • Significant reduction of turn around times  thus securing revenue,
  • 80% reduction of processing and resolution time
  • Significant reduction of manual human effort and only cases with necessary customer interaction left.
  • Upto 80% process automation after 4 weeks of operations


HIRO is a strategic choice that will allow us grow our service portfolio” - Dr. Berthold Kaib, Senior Vice President, Swisscom

Challenge: Swisscom is the leading residential and business telecommunications service provider in Switzerland. It also provides IT, online and consulting services to some of the world’s most demanding companies. As a front-runner in digital innovation, Swisscom partnered with Arago to lead automation initiatives in IT services and Enterprise Business. 

Primary requirement from Swisscom team was to have a solution which could be scaled to other business units with minimal additional investment

The primary aim is to improve customer service quality and enhancing the client experience.  

Solution:  The first step in Swisscom´s knowledge automation journey was in IT, specifically service management of network infrastructure. After initially taking a traditional implementation approach, team shifted to agile automation resulting in rapid scaling. The scope was broadened to handle incidents, problem and change management.  With IT integration and required security and operation approvals, HIRO was further scaled to more than 50 use cases. With further knowledge teaching sessions, HIRO is now able to automate 150+ additional tasks with only 8 additional Knowledge Items.

Impact:  Swisscom has managed to achieve an automation rate of upto 90% resulting in:

  • Process Optimization
    • Increased accuracy in ticket information input
    • Increase in First-Call resolution rate due to increased automation
  • People Impact
    • 90% automation of line 1 and line 2 service support tasks results in saving of +100,000-man hours yearly
    • Enabling highly qualified IT staff to cover more complex IT issues