With HIRO™, customers can ensure business continuity of their operations across a wide spectrum of processes and functions


Standard APIs and out of the box Connectors make connectivity to standard tools easy and ensures rapid time-to-market and quick integration


Thanks to HIRO’s Agile Automation methodology time to automation is greatly reduced with “on the job automation” and a focus on automating processes from Day 1

Sales Order Management

SAP Operations

Automate resolution of sales order blocks

  • Automated iDoc resolution
  • Resolve sales order/credit blocks
  • Automate failed sales order resolution

Up to 20% reduction in sales order churn

Supply Chain Management

SAP Operations

Automate purchasing and inventory processes

  • Resolve purchase order backlog
  • Dynamically manage stock allocation
  • Prioritize purchase orders as per criticality

Out of stock issues reduced by up to 25%

Finance Management

SAP Operations

Just-in-time accounting

  • Automated Credit Management
  • Automate financial close tasks
  • Eliminate unnecessary communication in finance

Up to 10% improvement in DSO

Basis Operations

SAP Operations

Automate large SAP environments

  • 1st/2nd level support
  • Predictive issue detection
  • Automated issue resolution

Up to 50x faster time to resolution

Network Operations

Intelligent IT Service Management

Increase uptime and minimize outages

  • Automated dynamic network incident solving
  • Resolve network device issues
  • Keep your critical IT infrastructure running

Up to 19x faster issue resolution time

Data Centre Operations

Intelligent IT Service Management

Increase uptime and minimize outages

  • Automated RCA, triage management
  • Automated problem-solving (self-healing)
  • End-to-end orchestration of problem resolution

Up to 40% reduction in SLA outages

Agile Automation Methodology

With Agile Automation the focus is getting to end-to-end process automation up and running within weeks and eliminate the need for process discovery, analysis and reengineering prior to automating. With Knowledge Automation the implementation phase is limited to integration and training with the focus on obtaining immediate automation.

Methodology Overview

1. Project Kickoff
Project planning, team selection and role assignment and steering committee established

2. Solution Design
Architecting the solution including identifying existing systems and data required to automate the identified process. The integration design is then completed and ready for development.

3. Integration
Using the developer portal documentation and tools, the project team completes the integration of existing systems with HIRO and completes testing

4. Training
Once the systems are integrated, training takes place on training systems finishing with entering of initial knowledge into HIRO to start automating

5. Start automation
Initial tasks are sent to HIRO to initiate automation and paired coaching. Trained and experienced users of HIRO partner with new trainees to transfer knowledge and share best practices until all users have the same level of confidence and practice with HIRO.

6. Agile Automation
Scale automation by adding new processes to HIRO, integrating new systems and on-boarding more employees as required.

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